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Eagle Locksmith Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is the minimum quantity order of keys?
A. There is no minimum order required.

2.) Do you sell after market Immobilizer?
A. No.

3.) Why do I need to duplicate a spare key?
A1. Because the cost of key duplication is generally lower compare to totally no key. Total lost situation generally cost 50%-200% more. Not to mention the intangible loss when the vehicle cannot start for few days.
A2. Insurance company also require you to provide the spare key when you lost your car.

4.) How do I know the remote and key match with my car?
A. You need to provide the Chassis number (VIN) to be 100% sure the product you bought is correct.

5.) Is the shipping charges included?
A. Not for international shipment. For domestic, purchase above RM300 is qualified for free shipping.

6.) Why do I need computerized key cutting?
A. Traditional key cutting is cloning from current key, but current key normally is worn and torn due to heavy usage, cloning a worn and torn key will result even more error and further damage to the door lock and ignition. Therefore a computerized key cutting with tolerance of less than 0.1% error is necessary to generate a genuine like key bitting.

7.) Why did dealers usually charges high price?
Dealers don’t have any programming options available to them other than to replace parts. They are passing along the expense of those NEW parts to you.

8.) What currency you are using?
We are using USD Dollar.