What does Mercedes ELV and EZS mean?


ELV is german stand for Elektronische LenkradVerriegelung - is same as electronic steering lock (ESL)

EZS is german term stand of Elektronisches ZündSchloss - is same as electronic ignition switch (EIS)

How do I get a discount?


We have 5 tier of membership level

Tier 1: Member entitle no discount on all products

Tier 2: Silver Member entitle 5% discount on all products, required purchase of 5,000 USD in one year

Tier 3: Gold Member entitle 10% discount on all products, required purchase of 10,000 USD in one year

Tier 4: Platinum Member entitle 15% discount on all products, required purchase of 20,000 USD in on year

Tier 5: Titanium Member entitle 20% discount on all products, required purchase of 50,000 USD in one year

If you are a certified locksmith, you will get Gold membership directly, please email admin@eagle-locksmith.com the valid locksmith certification to entitle upgrade immediately.

Why did dealers usually charges high price?


Dealers don't have any programming options available to them other than to replace parts. They are passing along the expense of those NEW parts to you.

How do I know the remote and key match with my car?


You need to provide the Chassis number (VIN) to be 100% sure the product you bought is correct.

Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17-character code that uniquely identifies all vehicles.

It can be found on the vehicle's title, registration, and insurance papers, driver side of the dashboard near the windshield, and on the driver's side door jamb. (or passenger side)

Why do I need to duplicate a spare key?


Because the cost of key duplication is generally lower compare to totally no key. Total lost situation generally cost 50%-200% more. Not to mention the intangible loss when the vehicle cannot start for few days.
Insurance company also require you to provide the spare key when you lost your car.

What is the minimum quantity order?


There is no minimum order required

Is the shipping cost included?


No, the shipping cost will be calculated after order has been submitted base on weight and size or parcel and country of delivery.

What currency you are using?


We are using USD Dollar.