ABUSCTVHD80010 8-channel HD-SDI Digital Recorder

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Product Description

Product highlights

  • Realtime recording at HD-resolution (1080p)
  • Live display of all eight channels at the same time in full resolution
  • Installation wizard for an uncomplicated first use
  • Memory-efficient H.264 data compression
  • Video & audio recording
  • Network connection for worldwide access
  • Status LED displays recorder status
  • Mobile access using the iDVR app

The trend toward HD-SDI is in full swing: video images in HD 1080p resolution via coaxial cable

This recorder is the recording solution for HD-SDI surveillance cameras. Recording and playback of the image data is in 1080p resolution and in real time for every channel. HD-SDI cameras are connected using coaxial cables, making the laying of cables as easy as with a conventional analog system. The fine difference: HD 1080p provides five times more resolution than standard quality; in addition to brilliant image results, this increase in detail also offers potential for savings: One HD-SDI camera can displace several casual analogue cameras due to its high resolution (1920 x 1080).

Thanks to H.264 compression, the HD image data takes up minimal storage space and is optimized for the network stream (remote access). With up to 8 hard drives, the recorder offers a maximum storage capacity of 32 TB. Recording is started manually, according to a schedule, when motion is detected, when an alarm sensor is triggered, or through a combination of modes. Thanks to its triplex mode, live cast, playback, and data export are possible at the same time. Data can be easily saved via USB or the network. Recordings can be viewed on the LAN or worldwide over the Internet (support of dynamic IP addresses).

In spite of the wide range of functions, the recorder is easy to operate: the status light shows the recorder status at all times: recording, guard mode (schedule active, no recording), ready for operation, or error. Each button on the camera also indicates whether a camera is connected and whether the channel is recording. All you need to do is glance at the status lights – there is no need to check the status on the screen. Using the jog/shuttle controller or the search function (by event, date, time), you can quickly find any recording you would like. A mouse for operating the on-screen display is included in the scope of delivery.