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LSTHH000002 Autodata 2009 Key Programming Guide Book

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Product Description

LSTHH000002 Autodata 2009 Key Programming Guide Book

Researched from Vehicle Manufacturers’ information, this unique manual uses clear illustrations with step by step instructions to provide reset procedures for Service Indicators and Key Programming for each model on two separate pages
Includes information for:
Programming of keys/remote transmitters for remote control alarms & central locking systems.
Programming of key/remote transmitters for stand alone immobilizer systems.
Battery replacement for the key or remote control transmitter.
Resetting procedures for the service interval indicator.
Key Programming
Easy to follow OEM programming techniques
Correct identification of central locking remote controls
System operation explained, includes unusual features
Alarm, central locking and Immobilizer systems
Battery replacement techniques explained and illustrated
Synchronization techniques
Service Indicators
Clear illustrations show reset button locations
Resetting procedures for service warning lamps